Daniel DeSantis prides himself on using cutting edge technology in the courtroom, and has received very favorable comments and results for this utilization. Mr. DeSantis found that in this day and age, jurors, judges and mediators alike give more credence and weight to evidence put on a screen. People are so used to looking at their cell phones and computers that it makes it hard for them to solely rely on verbal testimony. Accordingly, Mr. DeSantis takes every opportunity to direct attention to video deposition footage, 3D reenactment videos and/or 2D images of the subject scene of the incident or his client’s injuries.

Daniel DeSantis received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, where he studied Criminal Justice and Business. He then obtained his Juris Doctor with a concentration in business and corporate law from the University of San Diego, School of Law. While in law school , he proudly served as the President of the Jewish Law Students Association and Vice President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. Daniel thrived in public speaking courses during his educational career and uses this talent frequently in courtrooms across California. As a native of Los Angeles, Daniel enjoys giving back to the Southern California community. When not practicing law, he volunteers his time at charitable events hosted by the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charity, Teen Cancer America and the Beverly Hills Rotary Club.

Daniel DeSantis is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of California, California Superior Courts, and the US District Courts of California. He works with his mentor and colleague, Bradley S. Wallace, Esq., on all matters as well.